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Veterans at Cushman & Wakefield will find challenging and rewarding work directly related to their skills and talents. Just as importantly, they will find a camaraderie among the brothers and sisters, peers and leaders who support their distinct needs as well as a culture that honors and respects their contributions in the military and in our organization. Veterans hold positions throughout our organization, from our executive leadership to the front line.

Visit our careers page to view current open positions such as asset services, integrated facilities management, global occupier services, marketing and communications, valuation and advisory, IT and human resources.

We are actively partnering with Hiring Our Heroes and the Corporate Fellowship Program which provides veterans, transitioning service members and military spouses with training and hands -on experience in the civilian workforce. This includes 11 weeks of on the job training and exposure to our service lines with the ultimate goal resulting in full-time employment.

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“I am proud to spearhead a program that will empower Veterans, one that will emphasize career development over short-term employment. These are high achievers who are accustomed to working under pressure and thrive in a team environment – Cushman & Wakefield will benefit greatly from this initiative and I believe that the Veterans we hire will as well.”

Bruce Mosler,
Chairman of Global Brokerage and Veteran Initiatives

“Cushman & Wakefield is Veteran Ready!
After 33 years of military service, I have the honor to head the Veterans Initiative Program for Cushman & Wakefield. We are poised to hire the smartest and brightest talent that the military has to offer. We as an organization continue to raise the standard of excellence.”

LTC Frank Stanley,
US Army, Manager of Veteran Recruiting & Programs

Cushman & Wakefield Provides Veterans and Reservists:

Reading true stories of our veterans, reservists, and supporters of the United States Armed Forces across our organization is one of the best ways to learn why Cushman & Wakefield is a great place to work. Check out these stories:

Office Facilities Coordinator
U.S. Army
15 Tango | PATRIOT Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer

“The military grooms values such as Honor, Respect, Leadership & Team Work. At Cushman & Wakefield we strive to do just that, to drive meaningful value to our clients. Much like the military we all come together with our unique set of skills to achieve a common goal, cultivating confidence in each other to deliver the most creative and innovative services for our clients.”

Brokerage Coordinator
U.S. Army
Military Police

“As a female in the military, I feel like I bring incredible experience and lessons learned. Through my military and MP training along with my experience as an enlisted female I learned to be steadfast, strong, and have moral courage. These skills smartly translate into my daily contributions with Cushman & Wakefield — the ability to be efficient, remain focused on the mission and encourage teamwork.”

Co-Head Global Alternative Investment Services
U.S. Army

“During deployment to Iraq what I learned was how to accomplish things in difficult situations with limited resources. It taught me not to sweat the little things, enjoy my time with people I care about, and the importance of a positive outlook. All things I use today.”

Vice Chairman – Brokerage
U.S. Army
Advisor to USARV commands

“As a 22 year old officer, I was given responsibility for people and financial assets. I learned the value of teamwork and delegation of authority.”

Agency Leasing Associate
U.S. Army
Infantry Officer

“Military service develops a competitive mindset that thrives under pressure and creates the ability to work on a team towards a common goal. At Cushman & Wakefield our clients expect results and military service is a great foundation for understanding how to execute at the highest level within our client’s intent. Initiative, moral and ethical courage (doing the right thing regardless of circumstances), and a winning attitude are fundamentals of service that translate to work at Cushman & Wakefield.”

Graphic Designer
U.S. Marine Corps
0811 Field Artillery Cannoneer

“An essential mindset in the Marine Corps is “Brilliance in the Basics.” This instills in us that upon mastery of the fundamentals and principles in whatever you are doing, you can do any of the advanced stuff. I bring and apply this mindset in everything I do, every day at Cushman & Wakefield.”

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